Alice Davis, was born in 1930 in Zelzate.
Her parents ran a grocery shop and had 12 children and a fruit and vegetable shop. She was the one who from an early age always in the shop was and soon itself cakes and Flemish dishes prepared for the whole family.

The menu is characterized by full of flavoured dishes.
Chef Frederik Stas guarantees the tastes of the time.
The cakes can be found in the authentic pastry shop-counter and are daily created  by David Said, the grandson of the so successful Patisserie in the Magelijnstraat in Ghent.

They serve sweet breakfast, Brunch (only on sunday) lunch and desserts.

Open from tuesday- friday (8u30 – 18u00)
Saturday from 10u00 -18u00) and sunday from 10u00 – 14u30.
Address: Onderbergen 69000 Gent
T: 09 277 92 35