Roots, situated in Patershol quarter, the medieval heart of Ghent, will give you a friendly welcome in their restaurant. Owners Kim and Nele have created a contemporary and easy going atmosphere, with an open kitchen. Small surprises like your cutlery hidden in the wooden tables and menus hanging on hooks will make this a night to remember. The restaurant only works with fresh products from local small farms and shops. This is also the reason why their menu will change often. If you would have any allergies or if you would be a vegetarian, Roots would surely keep that in mind. Besides the classic wines, it is also possible to try out one of their bio wines.
For people who are not really into wine, Roots is one of the few restaurants who offer also a very large artisan beer selection. Planning to bring a visit to Roots? We recommend you to book a table in advance.

Lunch menu: € 25 – Dinner menu: € 30

Located within a 5 min walk from the hotel

Open from Monday to Friday
Lunch (12:00-14:00) and diner (19:00-21:30)
Online reservations 
Vrouwebroersstraat 5
B-9000 Gent